"Journey in Light and Shadow" by Stig Dalager (Denmark),
English language premiere translated and directed by Robert Greer, adapted by Natalie Menna

March 4 to April 1, 2017 - Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street
Presented by August Strindberg Repertory Theatre in association with Theater Resources Unlimited.

Presented in rotating repertory with "Marty's Shadow" by Stig Dagerman (Sweden),
translated by Nancy Pick with Lo Dagerman and directed by Whitney Gail Aronson

Carol Carter and Lauren Smith. Photo by Jonathan Slaff.

"Journey in Light and Shadow" by Stig Dalager is a mysterious play in three acts that ultimately explores the playwriting process. The audience is lured into what appears to be a performance that proves to be a rehearsal. There are an older actress, a younger actress and a playwright/director who takes all the male roles. The first act introduces issues of coldness and abandonment between the young actress and her mother. In the second, the World War II overshadows their interaction as it is revealed that the younger actress's father, a POW, had been driven to suicide by pressures dating back to the war. In the third, the scene shifts to their dystopic future which resolves into a bisexual biracial present bringing full circle the tensions of the preceeding acts. While each act, particularly the first, would stand alone as a play; in each case Dalager snaps us into a Pirandellian dimension, revealing the pressures of the three individuals who are shaping the plays. The result is a Twilight Zone-like experience where the audience is challenged to guess what is real, what is a play, and whether the characters' scars could ever be healed.

Carol Carter, Lauren Smith, Fergus Scully. Photo by Jonathan Slaff.

The actors were a bi-racial cast of Carol Carter, Fergus Sully and Lauren Smith. Set design was by Jen Price-Fick. Lighting design was by Jason Fok. Costume design was by Kathy Robinson. Sound design and original music was by Andy Evan Cohen. 

Stig Dalager (b. 1952) is a Danish writer. He is the author of 54 literary works of all kinds, mostly novels and plays, of which several have been translated or staged internationally. His works include "I Count the Hours," a monologue for a woman in Sarajevo (1993) staged in 12 countries; "The Dream," which premiered in New York City 1999 starring Ingmar Bergman actress Bibi Andersson and was since staged in Moscow and Lódz, "Two Days in July," a 2004 novel about the German officers' rebellion against the Nazi regime on July 20, 1944, "Journey in Blue," a biographical novel about Hans Christian Andersen that was published in 15 countries and languages and nominated for the IMPAC Award 2008, "The Labyrinth," a 2006 novel set in Vienna 1993-1994, "Land of Shadows," a 2007 novel situated in New York on 9/11 in the World Trade Center and "Slowly Comes the Light," a 2009 novel, set in Baghdad, New York and London 2004-2005. His most recent novels include "The Blue Light" (2012) about Marie Curie, "Eternity of the Moment" (2013) about Søren Kierkegaard and "Journey without End" (2015) about Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. His works have been published and staged in 26 countries, including Great Britain, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia, China and Japan. (Wikipedia)

Carol Carter, Fergus Scully and Lauren Smith.

"Playwright STIG DALAGER has given us a piece that is so complex that you have to pay close attention or you will get lost in the many realities he has placed on stage. He keeps you on your mental toes. The direction by ROBERT GREER is sleek and deliberate.  He has the characters and sub characters moving throughout the stage using every inch.  It’s his clarity of what is going on  that helps  give us similar clarity to follow it.  CAROL CARTER plays Marion/Ruthie well energized;  transcending the stereotype “momma on a couch” portrayal that the part lends itself to.  She takes  both characters to a higher place where we care about and see them.  LAUREN SMITH plays Suzanne/Kruger satisfyingly. She slips in and out of different characters with the turn of a head or cross of the stage, which really make her shine.   FERGUS SCULLY plays really three roles: Peter/Jacob and the Writer/DirectorMr. SCULLY is also impressive in the way he just seamlessly weaves himself within and without the drama happening on stage....This is a work worth going to see for the writing and direction alone." -- Reginald Jackson, Club Social